Wednesday, January 03, 2018


If I thought about it for a short time
I could come up with a reason to believe
That you and I would take that climb
To the heights that I couldn’t conceive

We could step out in the cool autumn night
And glide through the blanket of breezes
I would embrace your soul with all my might
And give you all that I have that pleases

Let’s set sail away upon the seas of life
Head straight into the wind and hang on tight
Cut through the waves like a sharpened knife
And keep on going deep into the night

Or jump aboard my black iron horse
Strap on our bonnets and put on our shades
Fill up the tank and plot a new course
Follow that road until all fear fades

Maybe take a ride on sleek golden jet
That takes us away to places unknown
Flying high above all the regret
Enjoying the play the clouds have shown

So let’s pack a bag and make the plans
For a trip that will take years and years
You’ll have all of me and these two hands
To cradle your heart so the bad disappears

Dreamless Sprite

Jumped on the wind and hitched a ride
Miles of meadows that I took in stride
Gliding past rivers and mountains galore
Floating up high as I strain to explore

Soaring in the clouds while scanning below
I noticed a strange but unique road show
My point of view was distorted at first
So I dove and raced to quench my thirst

I Landed softly and crept along
Secretly hoping that I wasn’t wrong
Sneaking among those without being seen
Suddenly trapped in her glance so serene

Dizzy at first, I was stunned by my host
Crystal eyes, half woman half ghost
She opened her tent and led me inside
Removed all reason for me to hide

She sat far off but stared intently
And then touched my arm ever so gently
Speechless I was for the very first time
Feeling almost guilty of a shameful crime

She rubbed my neck and I started to faint
An incredible feeling with no complaint
The room started spinning and then went dark
I woke up later from the light of a spark

I saw her fade with a wink and a smile
Dressed in silk with class and style
She whispered good bye and then disappeared
Gone for good, is what I feared

But every night when I am tired
I race to bed no matter how wired
In my dreams I’m looking to see
The mystical woman waiting for me

Moth and the Light

The storm is to blame for the price going up
Although no fault of its own
We stand around and point at the chump
Only to bitch and moan

He waves Old Glory in our face
And fingers us unpatriotic
But the money pours out at an alarming pace
While the world keeps spinning chaotic

All of the children go marching to war
Without a letter that says greetings
While the conductors of greed direct from afar
Pontificating time in meetings

Never thought in a million years
That I would see such pilfering supported
While we all accept the lies and the fears
Of the cowboy whose favor they courted

So as I watch it rise beyond sight
I can't help but wonder
Are we immature moths searching for the light
As the powers that be, loot and plunder

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Crystal teal flows in the light
Which emanates from your soul of sight
Flushed is the glow that rests on your cheeks
That brightens me up with a smile that speaks

Clever and kind all packed into one
While doing it right you’re never undone
You always take time for those in need
Never been a better friend indeed

I forever celebrate the moment we met
Utopic memories I shall never forget
I call my home where ever you are
Beside me forever even when you’re far

So I treasure the day on which you were born
Dedicated to you, so I’ve sworn
Pledging my love for all time and more
Happy Birthday to the one I adore

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Greatest Generation

We watch the movies but have no clue
The heroic battles they fought through
We think of France like a destination
Ignorant of our grandparents dedication

On this day the 6th of June
The kids are out of school at noon
But the greatest teens of yesteryears
Crawled ashore with blood and tears

Most have passed, having given their all
Long before we started to crawl
So let's not forget their sacrifice
Because just for you, they paid the price

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Rein on Reich

Lines them up and paints their arm
Say it's so they do no harm
Stokes the flames of fear and hate
Rein him in and not too late

Waves the flag and we all march
Down the street and through the arch
Fakes the truth and sells the lie
Squeeze us all and then comply

Rolling back the hands of time
Change our rights must be a crime
Make it great as if it's not
Remove the blemish on the spot

Where this leads I do not know
Ride the boat and nav the flow
Line them up and watch the strike
Before we blend into the Reich

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Don't Know

Don’t know who I was, while trying hard to decide
During all those moments pretending to be more than just a lie
Don’t know what I was thinking all those days, wasting my time
Waiting for my dream to arrive after a long steep climb

Don’t know how I got to this place, walking on this long and bumpy road
So many miles I’ve covered creating blisters or so I’m told
Don’t know when I turned away which eventually blocked my view
Causing each choice to fail until the day that I met you

Don’t why it took me so long to get it all so right
I must have had to earn it all before I could see the light
Don’t know where I was before you walked into my life
But the best decision I ever made was to take you as my wife

Monday, September 12, 2016

Parry the Poison

The more I learn, the more I don’t
Drags me to the pit, but I won’t
Digging my heels and stops me cold
Birthing a nation, or so I’m told

Prime time takes us that much closer
To the pretenders who are the posers
The book gives us the right to choose
Regardless of the end, all of us lose

Avoid the light and use your own
Slaughter the bull and set the tone
The time has come but it’s already set
All the cash won’t change the bet

So brace yourself and strap on tight
Take all you have and shun the light
The ride speeds up and just hang on
Before your choice is all but gone

Monday, January 18, 2016


at exuberant youth i have to laugh
i already took that photograph
doing things you think are new
which, years ago, i used to do

i'm old enough to be your dad
but the newest trick, your latest fad
is something i have done before
yet you bring it freshness, and do it more

i grew my hair down to my waist
and if someone said "try this" i had a taste
bell bottom jeans with flared cuff
and tie dye t-shirts.psychedelic stuff

i used to wear a leather vest
with no shirt to show off my hairy chest
golden hoop earring in my left ear
(if you pierced the right one it was considered queer)

yep, we were rebels without a cause
we had our love ins, we had our flaws
sugar cubes laced with LSD 25
at smoked out concerts, puffin' live

i played in rock bands, drove a 69' Stang
and always tried the latest thang
i loved the ladies more than life
even made a couple of them my wife

i see the kids on the scene today
their attitudes, the music they play
sometimes they surprise me, i cannot lie
but when i become my's time to die

i know i reached the highest highs
lived my life in laughs and sighs
and you young folks, my've won it
but believe when i say....
been there and done it

Quin Overman ( I think)